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Andrew travels to a remote retreat in the Scottish Highlands with the hope of conquering his fear of ravens, the dark creatures that haunt his visions. However, his nightmares come to life in this desolate wilderness, as he faces a formidable enemy beyond his imagination.


The film draws inspiration from the Valkyries of Norse mythology and the Celtic Morrigan, as menacing raven-headed beasts roam the earth in search of prey.


"dedicated to assaulting your senses."
Shock Till You Drop


"directing, script and acting are astonishing"
Ain't It Cool News


"This is a ferocious film, and it is certainly not for the squeamish"
Trace Thurman - Bloody Disgusting


SKU: 364215375135191
  • Our Physical Package is a 3-disc set that includes a Blu-Ray, DVD, and CD. It features beautiful artwork and hours of bonus content, making it a stunning addition to your collection.


    Alternatively, our Digital Pack includes a premium high-quality digital version of the film, along with hours of extras. It's included for free with any orders of our Physical Edition.



    • Deleted Scenes
    • Cast and Crew Commentary
    • Raven Warrior Mythos Documentary
    • Raven Inspired Short Films
    • Stunning CD Soundtracks
    • Interviews with Cast and Crew
    • BTS Documentary
    • Raven Warrior Pranks
    • Trailers
    • English Close Captions
    • Region Free
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