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"The Sound of His Horn" is a chilling tale that follows an Allied soldier who falls unconscious during a prison escape, only to awaken in a world ruled by victorious Nazis. In this world, political enemies are released into vast hunting grounds to be pursued at night by terrifying steel-taloned cat-women.


This is a meticulously reproduced paperback that embodies the look and feel of bygone eras. Our books feature a black as midnight, matte cover, and authentic bookwove paper for the pages. Every aspect, from book size to font types, font sizes, text layout, chapters, and margins conform to the popular standards of previous decades, painstakingly recreated for your reading pleasure.


SKU: 364115376135191
  • Our cover is painted by Lisa Falkenstern, and the foreword is written by esteemed horror critic Kim Newman. This is a faithful reproduction of 80's horror paperbacks, perfect for horror enthusiasts and collectors alike.


    We also offer signed copies by the authors, as well as personalized dedications for the recipient of your choice.


    This book measures approximately H 175mm x W 110mm x D 20mm.

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