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Introducing our first book, The Book of Beastly Creatures, a hefty hardback volume comprising 18 horror stories. Each story features a different monster, specter, or demonic entity inspired by a wide range of influences, including ancient mythology, the supernatural, and the infinite horrors of the cosmos. The book also includes full-color illustrations and an appendix featuring bonus RPG rules for our monsters using the Open Game License (DnD). Whether you fear the unknown or the known, rest assured, we have a monster for you!


  • 18 Terrifying Tales 
  • Signed, and dedicated versions available
  • Original Artwork by James Olley
  • Hardback Book with Dust Sleeve
  • Large Book of Robust Length (70k words)
  • Bonus Rules for including our monsters in DnD 


SKU: 284215376135191
  • H 234mm W 156mm D 35mm 

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