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Discover the terrifying world of Dr. Finn Galloway in "The Black Gloves," a spine-tingling 1940s-set Film Noir that combines psychological dread with supernatural horror. Set deep in the Scottish highlands, Dr. Galloway uncovers a sinister conspiracy to unleash an unimaginable horror upon the world.


Starring Macarena Gomez (known for her roles in "Shrew's Nest" and "Dagon"), this gripping tale follows one man's battle against a terrifying stalker as ancient as time itself. Don't miss the chilling appearance of the infamous Owlman!


Premiered at London Frightfest, "The Black Gloves" is a must-watch for horror fans.


"like early Hitchcock with the dial turned up"
Alix Turner - Ready Steady Cut


"a tribute to classic suspense and horror"


"a genre exercise with a lot of frills"
Kim Newman


SKU: 217537123517253
  • Our Physical Package is a 3-disc set that includes a Blu-Ray, DVD, and CD. It features beautiful artwork and hours of bonus content, making it a stunning addition to your collection.


    Alternatively, our Digital Pack includes a premium high-quality digital version of the film, along with hours of extras. It's included for free with any orders of our Physical Edition.


    • Deleted Scenes
    • Cast and Crew Commentary
    • Interviews
    • Owlman Pranks
    • Cult of the Owlman Documentary
    • EPIC CD Soundtrack
    • HUGE BTS Documentary
    • Creepy Owlman Tales
    • English Close Captions
    • Trailers
    • Region Free (for US/EU/World Playback)
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