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Experience the adventure of a lifetime in Dragon Knight! As a malevolent force takes hold in the kingdoms of Agonos, a lone knight must embark on a perilous quest to find the last dragon and save the world from great and growing evil.


Featuring stunning 3D-animated dragons, breathtaking scenery, and epic castles, Dragon Knight is an experience like no other. Prepare to face a terrifying host of demonic warriors who are hell-bent on the extermination of mankind!


"Dragon Knight is truly impressive" 

Christopher S. Jordan - THE MOVIE SLEUTH


"makes every scene feel like a work of art" 

Geek Legion of Doom


"reasonably entertaining bit of medieval mayhem" 

Jim Morazzini - Voices of the Balcony


SKU: 366615376135191
  • Our Physical Package features stunning artwork and a Blu-Ray Disc filled with hours of bonus content, making it a stunning addition to your collection.


    • Interviews
    • Trailers
    • BTS Documentary
    • Director's Commentary
    • Cast Commentary
    • The Art of Agonos
    • VFX Documentary
    • The Lore of Agonos Documentary
    • English Close Captions
    • Epic CD Soundtrack
    • Region Free (for US/EU/World Playback)
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